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People are turning to apps like Tinder and Bumble to find love. But now there's Rezfox, a dating app created with Indigenous people in mind. 

"The difference between Rezfox and other apps that are out there is that we are Native specific … for Indigenous people across North America," said Brad Pine, who is on the app's development team.

"We're trying to bring everybody together underneath one umbrella, as one community."

What's unique about Rezfox is that it allows users to specify things about their Indigenous heritage such as their clan and nation.

The app isn't actually new, it originally launched in the early 2000s, but didn't last very long.

"I think we were way ahead of our time at that time, but also there was no connectivity for First Nations," said Pine. "Now everybody's got smartphones and connectivity across the country is moving fast and furious."

Pine also said that people are lot more accepting of online dating than they were 15 years ago.

"People don't see online dating as a negative … it's common practice now for people to meet online," said Pine.

Despite a short stint the first time around, Pine said there are lasting love connections from the first iteration of the app. 

"We have Rezfox children now … at least 10 of them. We have some marriages that are still thriving today," said Pine.

"So it had worked out, and hopefully we can create something like that again."

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Original Story by: Stephanie Cram· February 8

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